A couple of questions to get to know me. If you have some more questions, let me know and I can add them!

Do you travel?
Love it. Personally, I try and take vacations to un-known locations and really get to know a place the way a local would (along with some typical touristy stuff too).
For work, although I am based in Boston, MA I am willing and able to travel. If you need me to be somewhere outside the city, let’s talk about it!

How would you describe your style?
I really believe that the smallest moments in life are the most important. This is how I would describe my style which results in a lifestyle photography; looking for moments to capture. Although there may be a small amount of direction, I will speak with you about my style, what you are looking for before shooting and attempt to provide what you ultimately desire.

How long have you been doing photography?
I started shooting with my dad at a young age, received my Bachelors degree from Brooks Institute of Photography 11 years ago, been shooting ever since and officially made it into a business in 2015.

Have you shot a wedding before?
Once. Right after college and it was just ok. Let’s be honest, weddings are a beast. I love weddings. I love love although as of now, I’m not taking wedding requests.

When will our photos be ready?
3-4 weeks.

How many photos will we get?
The amount of photos depends on many things, like how many hours of coverage and how many people are involved.
A typical portrait session lasting 1 hour results in about 10-15 images.

Do you provide digital negatives of my photos?
Of course!

Great that you provide digitals! I can print them anywhere right?
Not necessarily. Yes, you can print them anywhere but cheap printing produces cheap prints. I know that there is a subtle belief in all of us that we are being “conned” so when a photographer says, “don’t print there, print through me,” we believe that they are trying to make more money. But I am not holding captive your digitals to make extra money by printing for you; I have no stake in where you print. But when you spend money on a great photographer, you don’t want cheap prints hanging on your walls. I do highly recommend you print your photos through a professional lab for the best results. I, unfortunately, can not guarantee quality images if printed anywhere but I can guarantee quality if you ask me to print through a professional lab. I will run a test print (free of charge) and prepare the file according to the labs specifications for a great image. Ask me for printing prices!

For a side by side comparison, you can review this blog post:


If I/we decide to go ahead and book you, how do we make it happen?
Wooooo!  You can email me or submit a contact request with your desired shoot date, what type of shoot you are wanting and any packages you want (newborn only). 50% of the session, as a deposit, is due to book your date and the final amount is due within 5 days of the photo-shoot. I unfortunately can not reserve a date without a deposit.