About Sabrina

My dad was an avid photographer and had numerous vintage cameras that he would display on the desk right inside his bedroom. I particularly was drawn to a twin reflex camera because it had a loud shutter. I loved the sound of that shutter. I would walk around the house, holding it at hip level, focusing through the view finder and clicking away at images. After developing his film, there were images my dad knew he hadn’t taken. It took him a little bit but he finally figured out that the angle of the pictures were really low and realized it had been me all along.

The more I learned photography with my dad, the more my appreciation for photography grew. Photography is more than a job or a hobby to me, it is a chance to capture moments in time for years to come. Your moments. Your child’s moments. I truly believe that a great photo says more than a thousand words, it tells of times that words cannot describe.

I am honored to be a Boston based lifestyle photographer and excited every time I am scheduled to capture moments with my clients.

When not taking pictures, I love evening sun filling my home, dinner parties with friends, a good book read under a warm blanket and finding cafes off of the beaten path.